PoKémon vs. Misfits

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I feel it’s safe to say I have a lot of questions and wishes. For the wishes, I don’t need them all to come true, but I feel they would make everything perfect. As for the questions, I’m assuming they’ll get answered as the Shadowhunter Chronicles goes on. Just know that I’ll be be sticking with my revolution theory for The Wicked Powers until it is outright said that it’s not happening. 

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colour meme: warm colours - The Mortal Instruments

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Basically the whole series summed up

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Oh my god!! I found these! From this time last year! Look!

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I wasn’t joking. TID movie cast:

William Herondale - Me

Tessa Gray - Me

Jem Carstairs - Me

Charlotte Branwell - Me

Jessamine Lovelace - Me

Henry Branwell - Me

Sophie Collins - Me

Nate Gray - Me

Magnus Bane - Godfrey Gao

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Anthony Padilla Emo Hair Appreciation Post

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Drawing again. This is one pict of Ian from Melanie’s Instagram. And I made it to black & white for my new icon.

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I have drawn something for us

it is malec and their baby

i cant

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When i saw this…. I just had to post it.


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